Update: 2021 Sharks Cabana Swim Season

Hello Sharks Families,

We thank you for taking the time to fill out the requested survey from our Cabana League Commissioner regarding a potential 2021 summer cabana season. The League had over 320 responses and we have greatly appreciated the feedback provided to help guide our decision. The overwhelming majority of those 320 families have asked for a summer cabana season and we are doing our best to ensure our swimmers enjoy a fun summer of swim all while following the requested mandates.

Should the current State and County Mandates remain in effect, we know this summer will have a very different look and feel from seasons of recent past. That being said, some teams may be open to hosting an in-person dual meet, while Sharks will do their best to participate via virtual meets at our own pool with limited numbers on deck. The League has decided that we will adapt and adjust accordingly to the guidelines and comfort level of each team. Please note that this season will be "unofficial". Teams have the option to opt out completely. League Records will not be recorded and it is up to each pool to decide if Team Records count. Additionally, team points and ribbons may not be rewarded this summer.

While all of the specifics for a 2021 season are not completely clear, we do have a potential first dual meet on June 5, 2021. Potential additional dual meets are earmarked for every Saturday through July 10 with a bye on July 3 (and a potential virtual Champs on July 17).

Each team will make their own decisions amongst themselves about expectations for an upcoming season. Please wait to hear from us, your Sharks Swim Team Representatives, regarding further details. And should you ever have any questions, we can be easily reached at shadowbrooksharks@gmail.com.

We recognize that recreational and athletic activities are vital to physical, mental, and the emotional well-being of our kids. Outdoor swimming pools allow our families to engage in exercise and recreation in a manner that carries a relatively lower risk of COVID-19 transmission when the recommended guidelines are followed.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work with our counterparts to ensure a safe and fun-filled season for our cabana swimmers. We look forward to providing 2021 Sharks' registration information shortly as well as the mandated requirements (per the State's and County's Health Departments) to become a 2021 Sharks cabana swim team member.

Go Sharks!

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