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Shadow Brook Sharks Swim Team Handbook

Coaching Staff
Kyle Kikuta: Co - Head Coach    

Kelly Rockwell: Co - Head Coach
Swim Team Parent Represenatives
Staci Tenczar

Katie Ciciarelli
Volunteer Coordinator
Marie Keith


The coaches request that your children attend practice daily if possible. Their performance at the meets will reflect the amount of effort they put into practice. Swimmers should enter and exit the pool promptly at the beginning and end of their practice times. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, it is at the coach’s discretion if your swimmer will be allowed to swim. The coaches are not a babysitting service. Young children eight and under should be attended to by an adult at all times and should not be in the pool unless it is their practice time. Parents are welcome to observe their children during practice. However, parents must remain away from the pool itself and must not interfere with the coaching.

Pool Rules On Deck:

Swimmers, during Swim Practice, please:

  • No Running
  • No climbing the poles, wall, or playing with the rocks in the planter boxes. Stay out of the shed and kitchen areas at all times.
  • No screaming or yelling (the swimmers in the water need to be able to hear their coaches).
  • Swimmers are asked to keep the pool deck clean and tidy by picking up ALL of their equipment after each practice. It is not our coaches' responsibility to keep the pool deck clean. As such, swimmers will be charged $1.00 for each piece of equipment left behind at each practice. In order for a swimmer to receive their equipment back, swimmer's will need to pay their coach $1.00 for each piece of equipment. For example, a pair of fins is $2.00. No exceptions.

Parents, during Swim Practice, please:

  • No use of the baby pool—by siblings, adults or swim team members (there is no lifeguard on duty).
  • No talking to, reprimanding or instructing your swimmer in the water (this is the coach’s responsibility).
  • No talking to the coaches during practice time (their attention needs to be, has to be, on the swimmers).
  • Keep all non-swimming children with you, their parent, on the lawn area, playing quietly.

If you are a parent without non-swimming children to supervise, please feel free to sit around the pool to observe the practice.

Please talk to your swimmers about these rules. Swimmers need to know that their job during practice is to listen to the coaches and work hard. They should not be looking for you, interacting with siblings on deck or otherwise getting distracted.  

The number one concern at the pool during practice is the lack of supervision for the young children on the deck. Please supervise your non-swimming children at all times. 


  • Swimmers must notify the coaches by Monday, of any given week, if they will be gone, arrive late, or need to leave early for the upcoming Saturday swim meet. 
  • Last minute scratches affect relay assignments, computer people, timers, clerk of the course, ribbon people, runners, lane assignments, as well as fellow swimmers who must unexpectedly swim in your place. Failure to give proper notification may affect your assignment in the following week’s relays. 
  • Swimmers can swim up to three individual events, plus relays, each meet. The coaches will either inform the swimmers on Friday of which events they will swim, or they will find out at the check-in on meet day. All meets follow the same format: medley relay, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, free relay. The length of each meet varies according to the number of pool lanes, size of the teams, etc. 
  • Swimmers MUST report to the Clerk of the Course as soon as they hear their event announced. Parents, please make sure that your swimmers get to their events on time. If they’re not on the blocks when it is their turn to swim, they’ll miss their event! 
  • At each meet there is a snack bar, but it’s a good idea to bring a cooler with snacks and drinks. Some of the pools don’t have much seating or shade, so bring lawn chairs, hats, umbrellas and/or event tents (easy ups). It’s a good idea to label goggles, towels and clothes.
  • NOTE: A swimmer must participate in at least three regular season meets in order to swim at the Championship meet.

Discipline Procedure:

Misconduct will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If a child misbehaves, he/she will be asked to leave the pool for the rest of that practice. Team coordinators and the coaches have the authority to suspend a child from a practice or a meet and will speak directly to a parent should suspension be warranted.

Parent Responsibilities:

As all returning Shadow Brook parents know (and new parents will find out), it takes a tremendous number of volunteers to make our swim team successful. For over 50 years, the Shadow Brook Sharks have thrived because of the generous volunteer parents we have. They (we) graciously donate our time and energy to make the team as successful as possible. To ensure we have adequate coverage for every event, each family is expected to volunteer for at least 5 shifts during the season and shift(s) at CHAMPS, which will be determined later in the season. It is through these activities that we get a chance to meet our fellow parents, encourage our swimmers and build a strong Sharks family.

Most of these shifts can be completed by any family member or friend over the age of 16. We have many grandparents who love to have a front row seat at the meet, and a great way to do that is to be a timer during the meet. Keep in mind that every pool does things a little differently, so it’s important (especially for pool-side jobs) that you participate in briefings announced prior to the meet to review procedures and instructions.

This year we are asking each volunteer to check in at the Volunteer Check In (home meets) or with the Volunteer Coordinator (away meets) once you’ve arrived with your swimmer so the coordinator can confirm you’re in attendance and ready to participate. Please pay attention to pre- and during meet announcements so you know when and where you should be. The meet will go much more smoothly and significantly faster if everyone is in his/her assigned spots on time.

If for some reason you are unable to cover your chosen shift, you are responsible for finding another parent to cover your shift by the Monday prior to the meet. You must notify the Volunteer Coordinator of the change. Your deposit check of $250 will be cashed if any of the following happens. Please note that if your check is cashed for any of these offenses, you will be required to submit another check for $250 in order for your child to be eligible to swim at any future practice or meets, including Champs:

  • A family misses a job without any notification to the Volunteer Coordinator
  • A family fails to notify the Volunteer Coordinator the Monday prior to the event missed shift and does not find a replacement, which is record of attendance. All fines must be paid prior to the Awards Night dinner.


The Sharks family appreciate all of your volunteer efforts to make this a successful and fun season.

For questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Marie Kieth, at shadowbrooksharks@gmail.com.


Please don’t use practice sessions as child care. Make arrangements to have your children arrive on time and depart as soon as their practice is completed. When you drop your child off at the pool, verify that there is practice that day. Sometimes time changes occur due to pool chlorine, temperature problems, or coach illness, and practice may be canceled at the last minute because of such things. Please take responsibility for your children at the meets. Arrive at the events in time for your children to check in and participate in the warm up swim. Make sure that your children behave respectfully when we are the visiting team at another team’s pool. Please see that the swimmers pick up their trash and all personal belonging at the end of the meet and before they leave.


Team announcements will be efficiently distributed by e-mail. In an effort to support “green” efforts, we will rely heavily on e-mail, so please check your e-mail for our messages. Further, your family has a file, kept in a file box on the pool deck. Please check your file daily. We often put notices regarding events, activities or changes to the published calendar, in your family’s file. Finally, major activities and events are published on poster board on the pool’s front fence. If you have questions about anything going on with the pool, the club, the coaches or activities, please e-mail the coordinator to get answers to your questions:  shadowbrooksharks@gmail.com

Team Suits/Caps/Logo Apparel:

Swimmers are encouraged to wear our team suit during all meets. Optional logo apparel, such as hats, towels, bags, t-shirts, etc., will also be available for swimmers to purchase.


Please limit showers to a quick rinse off (no more than 3 min per swimmer).

Swim Meets: “How To” Guide:

Packing for the Meets

  • Swimsuit, team cap, goggles (it’s smart to have a back-up), sunscreen
  • 2 towels per swimmer
  • Something to sit on: chair, sleeping bag, blanket
  • Sweat suit (it’s often really cold in the morning)
  • Hat, umbrella or other shade structure
  • Games
  • Food and drinks—granola bars, sandwiches, power drinks

Before the Meet Starts

  • Arrive at the pool by 7:45 AM for Check In
  • Swimmers check in—find your name and event numbers, initial your name next to each event in which you are listed, circle your event; mark your hand with the event numbers as a reminder
  • Report to the coach for warm up instructions
  • After warm ups, wait for your events to be called; particularly if you are in the first relay, keep your ears open: this event comes up quickly and often catches the swimmers off guard.

During the Meet

  • The meets usually start about 10 to 15 minutes after the warm ups are completed
  • Listen for your event to be announced. Swimmers MUST report to the “Clerk of the Course” with caps and goggles.
  • Between events, relax in the shade, get something to eat or drink, and wait for your next event to be called.

Before Leaving the Meet

  • Swimmers may leave only after they have completed all their events. Check first with the coach to see if you are in the free relay before you leave. You may want to stay, even if you aren’t in the relay, just to cheer on your Sharks teammates as they participate in the relays.
  • Clean up your area, throw away trash, and be sure you’ve collected everything that belongs to you.
  • If parents are volunteering at the meet, please turn in any equipment, forms, clipboards, pens and pencils, stopwatches, etc., before leaving.
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