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Swim Meets: “How To” Guide

Packing for the Meets

  • Swimsuit, team cap, goggles (it’s smart to have a back-up), sunscreen
  • 2 towels per swimmer
  • Something to sit on: chair, sleeping bag, blanket
  • Sweat suit (it’s often really cold in the morning)
  • Hat, umbrella or other shade structure
  • Games
  • Food and drinks—granola bars, sandwiches, power drinks

Before the Meet Starts

  • Arrive at the pool by 7:45 AM for Check In
  • Swimmers check in—find your name and event numbers, initial your name next to each event in which you are listed, circle your event; mark your hand with the event numbers as a reminder
  • Report to the coach for warm up instructions
  • After warm ups, wait for your events to be called; particularly if you are in the first relay, keep your ears open: this event comes up quickly and often catches the swimmers off guard.

During the Meet

  • The meets usually start about 10 to 15 minutes after the warm ups are completed
  • Listen for your event to be announced. Swimmers MUST report to the “Clerk of the Course” with caps and goggles.
  • Between events, relax in the shade, get something to eat or drink, and wait for your nextevent to be called.

Before Leaving the Meet

  • Swimmers may leave only after they have completed all their events. Check first with the coach to see if you are in the free relay before you leave. You may want to stay, even if you aren’t in the relay, just to cheer on your Sharks teammates as they participate in the relays.
  • Clean up your area, throw away trash, and be sure you’ve collected everything that belongs to you.
  • If parents are volunteering at the meet, please turn in any equipment, forms, clipboards, pens and pencils, stopwatches, etc., before leaving.
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