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Practice Policies


The coaches request that your children attend practice daily if possible. Their performance at the meets will reflect the amount of effort they put into practice. Swimmers should enter and exit the pool promptly at the beginning and end of their practice times. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, it is at the coach’s discretion if your swimmer will be allowed to swim. The coaches are not a babysitting service. Young children eight and under should be attended to by an adult at all times and should not be in the pool unless it is their practice time. Parents are welcome to observe their children during practice. However, parents must remain away from the pool itself and must not interfere with the coaching.

Pool Rules On Deck:

  • No Running
  • No climbing the poles, wall, or playing with the rocks in the planter boxes. Stay out of the shed and kitchen areas at all times.
  • No screaming or yelling (the swimmers in the water need to be able to hear their coaches).
  • Swimmers are asked to keep the pool deck clean and tidy by picking up ALL of their equipment after each practice. It is not our coaches' responsibility to keep the pool deck clean. As such, swimmers will be charged $1.00 for each piece of equipment left behind at each practice. In order for a swimmer to receive their equipment back, swimmer's will need to pay their coach $1.00 for each piece of equipment. For example, a pair of fins is $2.00. No exceptions.

    Parents, during Swim Practice, Please:

  • No use of the baby pool—by siblings, adults or swim team members (there is no lifeguard on duty).
  • No talking to, reprimanding or instructing your swimmer in the water (this is the coach’s responsibility).
  • No talking to the coaches during practice time (their attention needs to be, has to be, on the swimmers).
  • Keep all non-swimming children with you, their parent, on the lawn area, playing quietly.
  • If you are a parent without non-swimming children to supervise, please feel free to sit around the pool to observe the practice.

    Please talk to your swimmers about these rules. Swimmers need to know that their job during practice is to listen to the coaches and work hard. They should not be looking for you, interacting with siblings on deck or otherwise getting distracted.

    The number one concern at the pool during practice is the lack of supervision for the young children on the deck. Please supervise your non-swimming children at all times. 

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